September 2013


A Scientist in the Foreign Office

By David C. Clary - 09.16.2013

The first chief scientific adviser to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office presents the challenges of a part-time position while demonstrating the utility of science to UK diplomacy.


Engaging North Korea through Biodiversity Protection

By Peter H. Raven - 09.09.2013

North Korea will need international scientific expertise to identify and conserve important species that are vital to a sustainable future and therefore peace on the peninsula.


The Importance of International Research Institutions for Science Diplomacy

By Fernando Quevedo - 07.01.2013

International research institutions like CERN and ICTP play a unique role in bringing scientists together at politically neutral sites to address the most ambitious scientific questions while bridging cultural, developmental, and political gaps.


Lessons in Academic Rescue

The large-scale response to the national academic emergency in Iraq provides important lessons about the challenges and potential positive effects on academic communities and future development in a region of conflict.


Iran’s Flourishing Regional Influence

By Shabnam Mirsaeedi-Glossner - 07.15.2013

Iran’s electricity exports, untouched by European and U.S. sanctions, serve as an alternative outlet for Iran’s extensive natural gas reserves and also support Iran's aspirations of long-term regional influence.