December 2017

New Editorial

War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

By E. William Colglazier - 01.19.2018

The number one international priority must continue to be preventing nuclear weapons from ever being used again. How to do that consistent with protecting our nation and contributing to a peaceful world is the challenge.

New Perspective

The Challenge of Building Science Diplomacy Capabilities for Early Career Academic Investigators

By Mandë Holford and Rodney W. Nichols - 01.29.2018

It an apt time for early-career scientists to learn about opportunities at the intersection of science & diplomacy.  

New Article

Science Diplomacy: A Pragmatic Perspective from the Inside

As the significance of science diplomacy grows, ministries and international agencies will have to consider their respective functions and the scope of needed interactions between two very different domains: diplomacy and science.  

New Article

Strengthening the Relationship between Science and Trade Policy in the European Union

By Riccardo Trobbiani - 12.18.2017

This article argues that science and innovation should receive more attention within European Union trade policy, and vice versa, in order to mitigate risks and help the EU develop solutions to global challenges.

New Letter from the Field

Steps to Enhancing Chemical Security in Indonesia

By Eka Dian Pusfitasari - 01.04.2018

Through her experiences studying chemical security in Indonesia, the author emphasizes the importance of continued investment in opportunities for science diplomacy and international collaboration.