climate change


Science, Politics, and Climate

By E. William Colglazier - 10.06.2017

Why has it become so hard in the United States to maintain constructive action for dealing with human-caused climate change? Science diplomacy and science advice have otherwise helped the world deal with this challenge in critical ways.


Observations, Diplomacy, and the Future of Ocean Governance

By Jan-Stefan Fritz - 12.14.2016

The current G7 proposal for a global ocean observing initiative is a valuable test case for the role of science in shaping diplomatic relations in the management of international spaces beyond national jurisdiction.

New Conversation

Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?

By Lloyd Davis - 12.15.2014

Science & Diplomacy editor-in-chief Vaughan Turekian discusses science diplomacy with Lloyd Davis, the co-editor of the new book Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?

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