North Korea


Engaging North Korea through Biodiversity Protection

By Peter H. Raven - 09.09.2013

North Korea will need international scientific expertise to identify and conserve important species that are vital to a sustainable future and therefore peace on the peninsula.


The Making of a Science Diplomat

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 06.10.2013

How a science diplomat’s career was influenced by things he learned from his father: a shared commitment to solving a problem is the bedrock of a friendship, life is not linear, and change requires challenging the orthodoxy.


Universities and Networks

By Stuart J. Thorson - 06.28.2012

By working with North Korea’s Kim Chaek University of Technology on a digital library, academic exchanges, and other projects, Syracuse University built trust and advanced open standards with this closed society.


A Consortium Model for Science Engagement

By Cathy Campbell - 06.28.2012

The U.S.-DPRK Scientific Engagement Consortium, established in 2007, has connected scientists in North Korea and the United States despite strained official relations between the two countries.

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