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A Trilateral Partnership for Supporting Research and Relationships

The U.S.-Ireland R&D Partnership relies on well-balanced and clearly defined collaborations between Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the United States to contribute to positive relationships and scientific advances.

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Swiss Science Diplomacy

By Flavia Schlegel - 03.24.2014

Switzerland utilizes dual mechanisms of a public-private partnership (the swissnex) and embassy science sections to support science, technology, and innovation networks for its scientific and industrial competitiveness.

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Medical Research Centers in Mali and Uganda

By Harold Varmus - 03.17.2014

The Uganda Cancer Institute and the Malaria Research and Training Center in Mali, founded in collaboration with the U.S. government, show how combating major diseases through research capacity development can bring countries and scientists together.

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Medical Research Centers in Mali and Uganda: Slideshow

By Harold Varmus - 03.17.2014
This slideshow accompanies the article "Medical Research Centers in Mali and Uganda."
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Diplomacy for Science Two Generations Later

The U.S. Department of State should reinstate the defunct science attaché program to help address global challenges and strengthen the economic and scientific potential of the United States and other countries.


U.S. Army Agriculture Development Teams

By Alexander K. Stewart - 03.03.2014

Army Agriculture Development Teams, which harness technical expertise in the form of U.S. National Guard professional soldier-experts and use a community-based and bottom-up approach, may be instrumental to counterinsurgency and development efforts.


Choosing between the United States and the EU

Polish researchers are increasingly staying within the EU instead of immigrating to the United States. This shift could impact U.S.-Polish relations and reflects the challenges facing the country to attract globalized talent.


The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum as a Model for Bilateral Cooperation

As an autonomous, nonprofit organization, the IUSSTF has catalyzed and strengthened U.S.-India scientific cooperation through the ups and downs of the official relationship, serving as a model science diplomacy mechanism for bilateral relationships.

Letter from the Field

Fifty Years Ago: Linus Pauling and the Belated Nobel Peace Prize

By Peter C. Agre - 12.10.2013

Nobel laureate Peter Agre reflects on how fellow laureate Linus Pauling, recipient of the 1954 chemistry prize and the 1962 peace prize, was an exemplar of how a scientist can advance science, promote its responsible use, and foster friendships worldwide.


The Potential of Science Diasporas

By William J. Burns - 12.09.2013

Science diaspora communities in the United States already play a critical role in fostering economic growth and solutions to global challenges, and U.S. diplomacy should support diaspora networks to help build a new architecture of cooperation.

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