National Approaches

New Perspective
By Lisa Anderson 08.17.2016
In the face of the egregious encroachment of academic freedom, violations will only grow as terrorism drives government policies globally. Should associations and academies vigorously engage in the securitization of research?

Capacity Building and Development

New Article
By Lisa M. Frehill, Katie Seely-Gant 09.16.2016

Interviews with National Science Foundation grantees involved in international collaborations demonstrate that many scientists already view themselves as science diplomats, although they do so in an informal and unintentional way.

Transboundary Issues and Shared Spaces

New Article
Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the New Zealand Prime Minister
By Peter D. Gluckman 06.09.2016
New Zealand's Chief Science Advisor and AAAS recipient of the 2015 Award for Science Diplomacy, Peter Gluckman, discusses the greatest challenges and opportunities for science within public policy.