National Approaches

New Article
Arta Bridge Epirus Greece
By Lois Labrianidis, Evi Sachini, Nikolaos Karampekios 06.03.2019

A new initiative connects Greek professionals in a nework with potential impact on national interests, international relations, and transboundary challenges.

Capacity Building and Development

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By Claudia Canales Holzeis, Robin Fears, Joachim von Braun, Volker ter Meulen 05.28.2019

In 2015, the IAP selected food and nutrition security & agriculture for a project to establish a new model for science diplomacy that draws upon its resources and those of its member academies.

Transboundary Issues and Shared Spaces

New Perspective
By Jan Marco Müller, Maurizio Bona 10.02.2018

Science diplomacy activities have a long tradition in Europe, though concept itself and the discussion about its benefits have gained traction only recently when diplomatic services in Europe began using the term explicitly.