National Approaches

New Editorial
Iran Agreement
By E. William Colglazier 12.16.2015

Science & Diplomacy’s new editor-in-chief, E. William Colglazier, discusses the Iran deal and the future of science diplomacy.  

Capacity Building and Development

New Letter from the Field
By Veronica Augustyn, John Paul Eneku 12.16.2015

Two graduate students, an American and a Ugandan, who met at a research school in Ethiopia, have dedicated themselves to creating a way to foster more connections between U.S. and African scientists. 

Transboundary Issues and Shared Spaces

New Article
Chukchi Sea
By Eli Kintisch 12.16.2015

What makes international Arctic scientific collaboration successful, what are the pitfalls, and how can Russian and Western scientists build on existing relationships to expand scientific achievement in the Great White North?