National Approaches

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Ebola Virus
By Matthew D. Brown, Tim K. Mackey, Craig N. Shapiro, Jimmy Kolker, Thomas E. Novotny 09.08.2014

Health attachés, diplomats with in-depth public health knowledge, serve as the central node in the global health diplomacy network, connecting U.S. and foreign government health and non-health agencies with global health stakeholders.

Capacity Building and Development

By Vaughan C. Turekian, Tom C. Wang 03.24.2014

A broader intellectual foundation as well as integrated and systematic education approaches are needed in order to educate S&T-savvy international relations professionals and train science diplomats.

Transboundary Issues and Shared Spaces

Arctic sea ice retreating
By Paul Arthur Berkman 06.23.2014

International stability in the Arctic has yet to be globally recognized and a process of ongoing and inclusive dialogue about Arctic issues, which are linked to sustainable development, is needed to promote cooperation and peace.