Ian Wiggins

Director of International Affairs, The Royal Society

Ian is Director of International Affairs for the Royal Society where he leads on the Society’s global engagement. Before joining the Royal Society, Ian worked at the University of York in a number of roles including leading the University’s Brexit contingency planning and serving as the first Director for the York-Maastricht Partnership, the universities strategic relationship with Maastricht University. Ian is also a former British Diplomat including postings in Moscow and in Washington D.C. where he was Deputy Head of the Embassy’s political section.


Ahead of the 15th anniversary of, "New Frontiers in Science Diplomacy," Kimberly Montgomery, Director of International Affairs and Science Diplomacy at AAAS, and Ian Wiggins, Director of International Affairs at The Royal Society, discuss what has changed since the publication of the document in 2010, and announce a special issue for Science & Diplomacy.