Alice P. Gast

Alice P. Gast, Ph.D., is an Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering and was the 16th president of Imperial College London from 2014 to 2022. She serves on the Singapore Ministry of Education Academic Research Council, the Royal Academy of Engineering International Committee and was a 2010 U.S. Science Envoy.


Science and Diplomacy through International Students and Alumni

By Alice P. Gast - 10/12/2022

A decade ago, Alice P. Gast highlighted the positive impact that promoting international education brought to Kazakhstan. Ten years later, Gast is more certain than ever of the benefits international scholars bring to our world.


A Foreign Policy for Universities: Science Diplomacy as Part of a Strategy

By Alice P. Gast - 01/22/2021

Scientists are natural diplomats. Universities can and should make the most of this potential. Networks, capacity building, and reciprocity are three important elements of a university’s foreign policy.


From Cold War to Warm Relations

By Alice P. Gast - 03/09/2012

Scientific collaboration might offer one of the most promising ways for the United States to build a strong relationship with Kazakhstan.

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