Paul Dufour

Paul Dufour is a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa. He is a special advisor on international science relations to several Canadian and global research agencies and mentors a number of science policy youth councils.


The Foresight Lens of Science Diplomacy for a Disrupted Era

By Paul Dufour - 10/12/2022

Since 2012, Paul Dufour has admired the ability of science to address crises, yet he demands more from policy makers ability to put it to use. He argues a combination of science and statecraft is necessary to face the challenges of the future.


Carnegie Group at Twenty-Five

By Paul Dufour - 02/29/2016

The Carnegie Group of Science Advisers to Presidents and Prime Ministers celebrates twenty-five years as a creative and informal vehicle by which diplomacy shapes global science issues (and vice versa) at the highest levels of decision making.


Becoming a Northern Minerva

By Paul Dufour - 06/14/2012

Canada needs to better use its science—including greater innovation in government structures of science advice and mobilizing its global science networks—to increase its influence on global issues.

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