Peter C. Agre

Peter C. Agre serves on Science & Diplomacy’s Senior Advisory Board and is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003.

New Perspective

Malaria and Democracy in Myanmar

By Peter C. Agre - 10/12/2022

Malaria expert Peter Agre reflects on his 2012 piece, “Bringing Health Research to the Renewed U.S.-Myanmar Relationship,” as well as on progress and setbacks that have taken place in Myanmar in the decade since it was published.

Letter from the Field

Fifty Years Ago: Linus Pauling and the Belated Nobel Peace Prize

By Peter C. Agre - 12/10/2013

Nobel laureate Peter Agre reflects on how fellow laureate Linus Pauling, recipient of the 1954 chemistry prize and the 1962 peace prize, was an exemplar of how a scientist can advance science, promote its responsible use, and foster friendships worldwide.


Bringing Health Research to the Renewed U.S.-Myanmar Relationship

By Ronald Daniels, Pe Thet Khin, and Peter C. Agre - 06/21/2012

U.S. universities are strengthening cooperation with Myanmar in health sciences and public health. These collaborations benefit both public health and the relationship between the two countries.

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