Peter C. Agre

Peter C. Agre serves on Science & Diplomacy’s Senior Advisory Board and is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003.


Malaria and Democracy in Myanmar

By Peter C. Agre - 10/12/2022

Malaria expert Peter Agre reflects on his 2012 piece, “Bringing Health Research to the Renewed U.S.-Myanmar Relationship,” as well as on progress and setbacks that have taken place in Myanmar in the decade since it was published.

Letter from the Field

Fifty Years Ago: Linus Pauling and the Belated Nobel Peace Prize

By Peter C. Agre - 12/10/2013

Nobel laureate Peter Agre reflects on how fellow laureate Linus Pauling, recipient of the 1954 chemistry prize and the 1962 peace prize, was an exemplar of how a scientist can advance science, promote its responsible use, and foster friendships worldwide.


Bringing Health Research to the Renewed U.S.-Myanmar Relationship

By Ronald Daniels, Pe Thet Khin, and Peter C. Agre - 06/21/2012

U.S. universities are strengthening cooperation with Myanmar in health sciences and public health. These collaborations benefit both public health and the relationship between the two countries.

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