Peter D. Gluckman

Peter D. Gluckman is Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and chair of the International Network for Government Science Advice.


Science Diplomacy: A Pragmatic Perspective from the Inside

As the significance of science diplomacy grows, ministries and international agencies will have to consider their respective functions and the scope of needed interactions between two very different domains: diplomacy and science.  


Science Advice to Governments

By Peter D. Gluckman - 06/09/2016
New Zealand's Chief Science Advisor and AAAS recipient of the 2015 Award for Science Diplomacy, Peter Gluckman, discusses the greatest challenges and opportunities for science within public policy.

How a Small Country Can Use Science Diplomacy

For small countries with advanced S&T capacity, science diplomacy has a different focus from larger nations. It is essential in projecting New Zealand’s profile and leveraging limited resources.

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