Sumaya bint El Hassan

Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan is president of Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society, chair of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Science for Peace, and president of WAITRO.

In a Fracturing World, Innovation and Open Science Make Local Partnerships More Meaningful

By Sumaya bint El Hassan - 10/12/2022

As we celebrate a decade of S&D, Princess Sumaya acknowledges that, while the present may not be what we hoped, the challenges that the world has faced over the last ten years have made it stronger, and there are still reasons to be hopeful.


Science & Technology Advice to Foreign Ministries

By Sumaya bint El Hassan - 05/09/2016
The Middle East faces many challenges, including the absence of a scientific community. Now more than ever, a scientific community is needed to contest identity politics with policies that are based on methodical reasoning.

New Partnerships to Sustain the Middle East and the World

By Sumaya bint El Hassan - 09/06/2012

As political upheaval and economic stagnation hobble national governments’ ability to plan for the future, leaders must look for innovative ways to develop and implement solutions to our global challenges.

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