Vaughan C. Turekian

Vaughan Turekian, the former science and technology adviser to the U.S. secretary of state, chairs the INGSA working group on science diplomacy.


Science Diplomacy: A Pragmatic Perspective from the Inside

As the significance of science diplomacy grows, ministries and international agencies will have to consider their respective functions and the scope of needed interactions between two very different domains: diplomacy and science.  


Thank You

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 09/08/2015

As he moves on to become the new science & technology adviser to the U.S. secretary of state, Vaughan Turekian reflects on his time as editor-in-chief of Science & Diplomacy.


Evolving Institutions for Twenty-First Century (Science) Diplomacy

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 06/30/2015

Institutions are adapting to the increasing influence of science and technology on international relationships.



By Vaughan C. Turekian - 09/22/2014

New beginnings offer the opportunity to learn from history. In a more interconnected world science and technology becomes a more important driver for change.


Mental Health Diplomacy: Building a Global Response

The time has come for policy makers, NGOs, and the private sector to bring mental illness to the forefront of issues bridging health and diplomacy to improve people’s lives.


Educating for Science Diplomacy

By Vaughan C. Turekian and Tom C. Wang - 03/24/2014

A broader intellectual foundation as well as integrated and systematic education approaches are needed in order to educate S&T-savvy international relations professionals and train science diplomats.


The Making of a Science Diplomat

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 06/10/2013

How a science diplomat’s career was influenced by things he learned from his father: a shared commitment to solving a problem is the bedrock of a friendship, life is not linear, and change requires challenging the orthodoxy.


Putting Young People at the Heart of Science Diplomacy

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 02/12/2013

As young people around the world confront such challenges and threats as disease, unemployment, and violence, foreign policy leaders should look to science and its potential to help find solutions.


Building a National Science Diplomacy System

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 12/10/2012

As the fundamentals of foreign policy change, countries should consider how to construct a strategy that takes advantage of the three Es of science diplomacy.


The Morning After

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 09/17/2012

The winner of the election will face challenges at the interface of science and diplomacy related to health, economic growth, and climate change and the environment that will play an ever-greater role.

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