March 2015


Academies of Science as Key Instruments of Science Diplomacy

By bringing together the major academies of the world, IAP is central to efforts to address science issues at a global scale and thus serves an important role in building international relations.


Building a Lasting Cuba-U.S. Bridge through Science

By Sergio Jorge Pastrana - 03/30/2015

Throughout the complicated Cuba-U.S. political and diplomatic history, the Academy of Sciences of Cuba developed strong science-based partnerships with U.S. institutions. 


The Human Variome Project

By Casimiro Vizzini - 03/19/2015

The Human Variome Project takes a global approach to sharing clinical data on human genetic variations from countries at all levels of development in order to better achieve public health benefits.


The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences

A regional network of national science academies can be a powerful advocate for evidence-based decision making, build scientific capacities, and strengthen relationships among the countries, as is the case in the Americas.

Letter from the Field

The Royal Society, the Foreign Secretary, and International Relations

By Martyn Poliakoff - 03/24/2015

The Royal Society’s foreign secretary has fostered global connections since the position’s inception in 1723. The current foreign secretary argues that science academies can lead science diplomacy efforts and support capacity building in developing countries.

Letter from the Field

From Fighting for Human Rights to Building a Bridge to Peace

By Zafra Lerman - 02/10/2015

Reflecting on her thirty-year commitment to use science to promote human dignity, the author shares the story of the Malta Conferences.