June 2015


Evolving Institutions for Twenty-First Century (Science) Diplomacy

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 06/30/2015

Institutions are adapting to the increasing influence of science and technology on international relationships.


Scientific Drivers for Diplomacy

By Rush Holt - 06/29/2015

The ongoing globalization of science reinforces the need for the science community to play a driving role in advocating for policies that remove barriers and connect scientists internationally. 


The International Atomic Energy Agency

Created in the early days of the Cold War, the International Atomic Energy Agency has worked to build a legacy to provide sustainable social, economic, and environmental benefits to the world.

Letter from the Field

Pan-American Scientific Delegation Visit to the Falkland Islands

By Lindsay R. Chura and Raymond Arnaudo - 06/30/2015

Reflecting on their participation in a delegation visit to the Falkland Islands, the authors describe areas where science opportunities exist in environmental research on a biodiverse island.

Letter from the Field

Science and Culture Collide

By Katherine Himes - 06/30/2015

Katherine Himes works with the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Mission to Central Asia to address regional issues with scientific solutions.