June 2016


The Art of Science Advice

By E. William Colglazier - 06/30/2016

How sure is sure enough when it comes to science advice? Our editor-in-chief caps the ​June issue of Science Diplomacy with a thoughtful discussion on the value judgments that are often in play for both scientists and governments.  


Science & Technology Advice to Foreign Ministries

By Sumaya bint El Hassan - 05/09/2016
The Middle East faces many challenges, including the absence of a scientific community. Now more than ever, a scientific community is needed to contest identity politics with policies that are based on methodical reasoning.

Between Intention and Serendipity

By Dennis Schroeder - 05/04/2016

The director of the German Academic Exchange Program Office in Tehran reflects on his experiences building international scientific collaborations in a changing Iran.


The Role of Science and Scientists in Disarmament, Arms Control, and Nonproliferation

By Rose E. Gottemoeller - 05/25/2016
Can the use of technology assist with government oversight within arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament? Rose E. Gottemoeller discusses how new technology can be incorporated, and how scientists can join the current efforts.

Science Advice to Governments

By Peter D. Gluckman - 06/09/2016
New Zealand's Chief Science Advisor and AAAS recipient of the 2015 Award for Science Diplomacy, Peter Gluckman, discusses the greatest challenges and opportunities for science within public policy.

How Collaborating in International Science Helps America

International collaborations dramatically boost the American science, technology and innovation enterprise and, in turn, they strengthen the world's ability to address our most pressing global challenges.