December 2016


The U.S. Election and the World

By E. William Colglazier - 12/30/2016

The global trends in science, technology, and innovation create a significant opportunity for the United States, but only if we can utilize our capabilities to address the Sustainable Development Goals domestically and internationally. 


Global Science Diplomacy for Multilateralism 2.0

By Luk Van Langenhove - 12/29/2016

The S&T community not only has the potential to play a significant role in addressing global problems, but they can also be the change agent that strengthens the policy-science nexus at the global level of governance. 


The Importance of International Research Cooperation: Reflections from Germany

By Peter Strohschneider - 12/01/2016

In our globalizing world, we often take such transatlantic cooperation for granted. However, we cannot close our eyes before the fact that the political and social climate in which global research and science take place is changing.


The Newton Fund: Science and Innovation for Development and Diplomacy

By Robin W. Grimes and Claire McNulty - 12/30/2016

A new program between the U.K. and 16 partner countries aims to strengthen science and innovation capacity by investing in individual researchers and scientific collaborations that address the needs of partner nations.


Observations, Diplomacy, and the Future of Ocean Governance

By Jan-Stefan Fritz - 12/14/2016

The current G7 proposal for a global ocean observing initiative is a valuable test case for the role of science in shaping diplomatic relations in the management of international spaces beyond national jurisdiction.


Educación Científica Regional e Integración de América Latina

By Lino Barañao - 12/04/2016

La ciencia puede ser una herramienta útil para mejorar las relaciones internacionales a nivel regional, incluyendo a América Latina.