May 2019


New Models for Science Diplomacy Transcending Boundaries:

In 2015, the IAP selected food and nutrition security & agriculture for a project to establish a new model for science diplomacy that draws upon its resources and those of its member academies.


Establishing a Greek Diaspora Knowledge Network through “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges"

A new initiative connects Greek professionals in a nework with potential impact on national interests, international relations, and transboundary challenges.


Preventing a Cold War in Space Using European Research and Innovation Programs

As the world moves to a militarized space, the European Union may have the tools to assist in the establishment of confidence building measures between China, Russia, and the United States in the domain of space.


Science, Technology, and the “Special Relationship”

By Aaron Bateman - 06/12/2019

A historical perspective of how the UK hoped to increase its ability to shape U.S. arms control policy and preserve the future of the UK’s nuclear deterrent through participation in the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).


The Changing Face of Diplomacy and the Enhanced Role of Science Diplomacy in the Post-2015 World

By Nikhil Seth - 06/19/2019

The last 40 years have resulted in fundamental shifts that call for a stronger understanding of the interface between science, policy, and diplomacy, especially for the SDGs.


Data Diplomacy

With increasingly complex data, how data interacts with diplomacy will transform diplomatic interactions, from eliminating barriers, building communities, and fostering diplomatic relationships.