June 2020


America’s Science Policy and Science Diplomacy After COVID-19

By E. William Colglazier - 06/28/2020

I believe that science policy and science diplomacy can play a key part in getting America back on track, but that first requires a candid assessment of what has gone wrong with our science advisory ecosystem and science-policy-society interface.


Science Diplomacy in Action: European Collaboration and US Participation in Research Infrastructures

By Maria Moskovko and Albert H. Teich - 06/28/2020

This paper takes a close look at five European research infrastructures with strategic importance in which the United States is a participant.


France's Science Diplomacy

By Pierre-Bruno Ruffini - 06/28/2020

This article is devoted to a brief presentation, analysis, and evaluation of the science diplomacy of France.


Learning from Success: Lessons in Science and Diplomacy from the Montreal Protocol

By Greg Whitesides - 08/10/2020

This paper revisits the history of U.S. advocacy for the Montreal Protocol, a landmark achievement in international scientific cooperation and American environmental leadership. 

Letter from the Field

Using Science-in-Diplomacy to Develop COAST

By Daniel B. Oerther - 06/28/2020

The context, inception, and delivery of COAST – the Caribbean Ocean and Aquaculture Sustainability faciliTy – as well as lessons learned for science-in-diplomacy, including reflections on pandemic insurance inspired by COVID-19, are summarized here.

Letter from the Field

Entrepreneurship Training for Scientists and Engineers in Developing Countries: A Report

By Surya Raghu - 06/28/2020

This text details efforts in building capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship among scientists and engineers in developing countries. 

Letter from the Field

A Scientist Serves on the Front Lines of U.S. Diplomacy

By Sutyajeet I. Soneja - 06/28/2020

A scientist reflects on his experience in science diplomacy, serving as an Embassy Science Fellow at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy.