March 2012


Science and Diplomacy: The Past as Prologue

The history of science diplomacy can serve as a guide for the future.


Science Diplomacy and Twenty-First Century Statecraft

By Robert D. Hormats - 03/09/2012

Science is taking an even more prominent role in how the U.S. Department of State builds and manages international relationships.


Nunn-Lugar: Science Cooperation Essential for Nonproliferation Efforts

By Richard G. Lugar - 03/09/2012

The Nunn-Lugar program demonstrates the importance of international scientific engagement in efforts to reduce the spread of dangerous weapons and material.


South African Science Diplomacy

By Naledi Pandor - 03/09/2012

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa has used science as a way to rebuild relationships and advance science.


From Cold War to Warm Relations

By Alice P. Gast - 03/09/2012

Scientific collaboration might offer one of the most promising ways for the United States to build a strong relationship with Kazakhstan.


Rediscovering Eastern Europe for Science Diplomacy

The EU and the United States should enhance and expand scientific academic programs and build ties with countries in Eastern Europe.


International Fusion Energy Cooperation

ITER provides lessons for negotiating large-scale, capital-intensive international projects. Success depends on political goodwill, compromise, and a common understanding of project management.