Japan’s Evolving Efforts toward Sustainable Development of the Arctic

By Yoko Kamikawa and Tomoko Hamachi - 09/28/2016

Japan recognizes its link to the environmental changes occurring in the Arctic. Development of a national Arctic policy with a strong science and technology foundation is helping Japan successfully engage in Arctic issues.


Cold War in a Warming Place

By Eli Kintisch - 12/16/2015

What makes international Arctic scientific collaboration successful, what are the pitfalls, and how can Russian and Western scientists build on existing relationships to expand scientific achievement in the Great White North?


Stability and Peace in the Arctic Ocean through Science Diplomacy

By Paul Arthur Berkman - 06/23/2014

International stability in the Arctic has yet to be globally recognized and a process of ongoing and inclusive dialogue about Arctic issues, which are linked to sustainable development, is needed to promote cooperation and peace.

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