Establishing a Greek Diaspora Knowledge Network through “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges"

A new initiative connects Greek professionals in a nework with potential impact on national interests, international relations, and transboundary challenges.


African Diaspora Scientists as Development Catalysts

By Rafiou Agoro - 06/07/2018

This article emphasizes the potential of African diaspora scientists to advance S&T development on the continent, and specifically suggests the establishment of an African diaspora scientists federation. 


Choosing between the United States and the EU

Polish researchers are increasingly staying within the EU instead of immigrating to the United States. This shift could impact U.S.-Polish relations and reflects the challenges facing the country to attract globalized talent.


The Potential of Science Diasporas

By William J. Burns - 12/09/2013

Science diaspora communities in the United States already play a critical role in fostering economic growth and solutions to global challenges, and U.S. diplomacy should support diaspora networks to help build a new architecture of cooperation.

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