international cooperation


Opportunities and Challenges for Science Diplomacy

Colglazier and Montgomery mark S&D’s 10th Anniversary by highlighting themes in the special issue and a new “competition and cooperation” era in international science, which calls for strengthening science diplomacy efforts.


Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: What Can U.S. Scientists Do?

Science & Diplomacy gathered four perspectives of U.S. scientists and former diplomats who have spent several decades involved in scientific collaboration with the USSR, Russia, Ukraine, and post-Soviet states.


An Interview with Minister Lim, South Korea’s Minister of Science and ICT


The Minister of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea, Lim Hye Sook talked with Sudip Parikh, the CEO of AAAS and Executive Publisher of the Science family of journals, during her visit to Washington, DC in December 2021.


The U.S. Embassy Science Fellows Program: Implementation and Impacts

The authors share findings from the first public evaluation of the ESF, including information on deployment geography, language requirements, and scientific area of the proposal, as well as an evaluation of its success from the alumni perspective.


We Can Do Better: Lessons Learned on Data Sharing in COVID-19 Pandemic Can Inform Future Outbreak Preparedness and Response

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