Between Intention and Serendipity

By Dennis Schroeder - 05/04/2016

The director of the German Academic Exchange Program Office in Tehran reflects on his experiences building international scientific collaborations in a changing Iran.


Looking Forward to 2016

By E. William Colglazier - 12/16/2015

Science & Diplomacy’s new editor-in-chief, E. William Colglazier, discusses the Iran deal and the future of science diplomacy.  


Iran’s Flourishing Regional Influence

By Shabnam Mirsaeedi-Glossner - 07/15/2013

Iran’s electricity exports, untouched by European and U.S. sanctions, serve as an alternative outlet for Iran’s extensive natural gas reserves and also support Iran's aspirations of long-term regional influence.


The United States and Iran

By Irene Anne Jillson - 03/18/2013

Given the complex and adversarial official relationship between the United States and Iran, mutually beneficial areas of scientific cooperation can be important for both advancing knowledge and promoting understanding.


Synchrotron Light and the Middle East

By Chris Llewellyn Smith - 11/16/2012

SESAME, the only synchrotron in the Middle East, seeks to achieve scientific excellence, attract and retain scientists, and foster regional cooperation, while overcoming sometimes tense political relationships.


Engineering Diplomacy

By Najmedin Meshkati - 06/05/2012

Policy makers should elevate the use of cooperation in engineering areas to foster relationships and solve global problems, particularly between the United States and the Middle East and Caucasus.

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