Scientific Cooperation is Key: An Interview with Ambassador Zappia, Italy’s Ambassador to the United States


The Ambassador of Italy to the U.S., Ambassador Mariangela Zappia spoke with Science & Diplomacy on Italy's science diplomacy strategy. This is the tenth interview of the Ambassador Interview Series.


Academies of Science as Key Instruments of Science Diplomacy

By bringing together the major academies of the world, IAP is central to efforts to address science issues at a global scale and thus serves an important role in building international relations.


The Importance of International Research Institutions for Science Diplomacy

By Fernando Quevedo - 07/01/2013

International research institutions like CERN and ICTP play a unique role in bringing scientists together at politically neutral sites to address the most ambitious scientific questions while bridging cultural, developmental, and political gaps.


Research and Diplomacy 350 Kilometers above the Earth

By Julie Payette - 12/10/2012

The International Space Station, with partners that surmount their cultural, organizational, and political differences to pursue a collective vision, serves as a model of science diplomacy.

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