New Conversation

Emerging Technology, Networks, and Trust in Science: A Conversation with Dr. Kazuhito Hashimoto, Science and Technology Advisor to the Cabinet of Japan and President of Japan Science and Technology Agency


Dr. Hashimoto, President of JST and Japan's Science and Technology Advisor, spoke with S&D to discuss his role and its connections to science diplomacy. This interview is part of a 3-part series connected to the AAAS Annual Meeting.

New Conversation

A Blooming Partnership: Interview with Ambassador Tomita, Japan’s Ambassador to the United States


The Ambassador of Japan to the U.S., Ambassador Koji Tomita spoke with Science & Diplomacy on Japan's science diplomacy strategy. This is the twelfth interview of the Ambassador Interview Series.


Transforming Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for a Sustainable and Resilient Society

This article reviews Japan’s efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and discusses the future in science, technology and innovation (STI) to achieve the SDGs at global, regional, national, and local levels.


Science and Technology Advising in Today’s Foreign Policy

By Vaughan Turekian and Teruo Kishi - 02/06/2017

S&T advisors to foreign ministers will be pivotal in developing evidence-informed foreign policies and in proactively identifying emerging S&T trends that intersect with mutual and respective foreign policy priorities. 


Japan’s Evolving Efforts toward Sustainable Development of the Arctic

By Yoko Kamikawa and Tomoko Hamachi - 09/28/2016

Japan recognizes its link to the environmental changes occurring in the Arctic. Development of a national Arctic policy with a strong science and technology foundation is helping Japan successfully engage in Arctic issues.


Evolving Institutions for Twenty-First Century (Science) Diplomacy

By Vaughan C. Turekian - 06/30/2015

Institutions are adapting to the increasing influence of science and technology on international relationships.

Letter from the Field

Constructing a Global Science Forum

By Koji Omi - 12/22/2014

Today’s global challenges and opportunities require an international, multi-sectoral approach, and the Science and Technology in Society (STS) forum is one venue for leaders and experts to meet to develop science and technology for the benefit of all people.


The UK Response to Fukushima and Anglo-Japanese Relations

The UK government’s response to the March 2011 nuclear accident in Japan relied on scientific advice and communication, and it demonstrated the central role of science advisory systems and benefited the broader bilateral relationship.


The Rise of Science and Technology Diplomacy in Japan

Japan must incorporate science diplomacy into its foreign policy strategy if it is to rebuild important relations with key countries and remain a global player in science and technology.


Research and Diplomacy 350 Kilometers above the Earth

By Julie Payette - 12/10/2012

The International Space Station, with partners that surmount their cultural, organizational, and political differences to pursue a collective vision, serves as a model of science diplomacy.

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