From Water to Weapons: Science Diplomacy in Practice

By Mark Jansson - 10/12/2022

From the water crisis in Yemen, the focus of his 2012 piece, to the continuing threat of nuclear proliferation, Mark Jansson stresses the value of science in building policy solutions to address some of the globe’s most pressing challenges.


The Role of Science and Scientists in Disarmament, Arms Control, and Nonproliferation

By Rose E. Gottemoeller - 05/25/2016
Can the use of technology assist with government oversight within arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament? Rose E. Gottemoeller discusses how new technology can be incorporated, and how scientists can join the current efforts.

Nuclear Negotiations, Scientific Literacy, and U.S.-India Relations

By Anish Goel - 12/09/2014

The U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative relied on scientific literacy in the diplomatic negotiations for its success, benefiting international nuclear science cooperation and nonproliferation.  


Nunn-Lugar: Science Cooperation Essential for Nonproliferation Efforts

By Richard G. Lugar - 03/09/2012

The Nunn-Lugar program demonstrates the importance of international scientific engagement in efforts to reduce the spread of dangerous weapons and material.

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