Palestinian Territories


Academic Tribes and Transboundary Water Management

By Julie Trottier and David B. Brooks - 05/28/2013

New potential solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian water conflict can be found by harnessing knowledge produced by social sciences to promote a demand management approach and addressing disciplinary divisions.


Progress without Peace

By Rory Miller - 04/15/2013

The EU can play a more significant role in the diplomacy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through more focused, intensive, and extensive support for S&T projects in the Palestinian private sector.


Advancing Palestinian Science and Promoting Cooperation under Long-Term Occupation

By Michael Thomas - 03/18/2013

Meaningful Israeli-Palestinian science cooperation today is constrained by the political and societal realities. Nevertheless, international engagement on Palestinian science capacity building encourages and enables long-term, peaceful cooperation.


Health Challenges in Palestine

By Adel Mahmoud - 03/05/2013

­­Health diplomacy both within the region and involving key global players is a necessary component to any long-term stable solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The Middle East Regional Cooperation Program

By Kira E. Mock - 02/21/2013

The Middle East Regional Cooperation (MERC) program, which encourages cooperation between Israelis, Palestinians, and other Arab partners, advances science and professional relationships.  

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