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Don’t Let Concern Over Quantum Technologies Limit International Collaboration

By Sean Silbert - 02/15/2022

We must not let the promise of quantum computing technology be subsumed by our fears of what it can do in the hands of malignant actors.


Co-constructed Science Diplomacy in a Federated State: Québec’s Science Diplomacy for Quantum Technologies

Québec, a Canadian province, is actively using all the policy levers at its disposal to lead in the quantum technology market. This perspective provides a case study of how federated states can use science diplomacy for emerging technologies. 


Quantum Diplomacy: Rebalancing the Power Dynamic through Emerging Technologies

By André Xuereb - 02/10/2022

André Xuereb, Ph.D., the Maltese Ambassador for Digital Affairs makes the case on how small countries like Malta can employ science diplomacy to become leaders in quantum information technologies. 

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